Áa ká (On The Lake)

-- Haat iyagu´t

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English Name: 
Chilkat Lake

"When elders first settled, they sent youngsters there to find food. They found every kind of animal there. They found salmon, bear, and so they decided it would be a bowl for everyone to eat out of. They did not want to claim the area for the Eagle people or the Raven people, it would be for everyone." [3] There were smokehouses (and perhaps a small seasonal village) where one or two creeks met the lake, to smoke the salmon and trout that was sometimes gathered here. This was a good place for bear hunting and berry picking as well. Certain streams were owned by certain clans, but it was understood that all were welcome to gather food in these places [11]. Ownership of a place in those days was more like what we call stewardship nowadays. A clan was responsible for a place, but usually did not exert exclusive control over it [2].


United States
59° 19' 48" N, 135° 54' 0" W

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