Dakwä́kä́da (High Cache)

-- Haat iyagu´t

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English Name: 
Haines Junction

Before modern times, there was no permanent settlement here. Instead, it was a convenient stopping place or campsite for travelers coming from Kloo Lake, Kluane, Aishihik, Klukshu, Dezadeash Lake, or Hutchi. To lighten their loads, some travelers had caches here, taking advantage of the central location. Hunters would sometimes use the area as a staging ground or camp. Modern Haines Junction developed from an army camp that was established when the military supply road to Haines was built after 1942. After the Alaska highway was established, schools, businesses, and medical services brought people from more remote villages to move here in the 1940s. [2]


United States
60° 45' 9" N, 137° 30' 36.6768" W

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