Léiḵ'wk' (Little Red Snapper)

-- Haat iyagu´t

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Also translated as "Knob where the mountain broke off." "On Chilkoot too, there used to be sand, like on the Chilkat on the right hand side. Watch as I sit here, how the back of my hand is shaped. That’s how it’s shaped. You can see it. The name is Léik'wk'. It protruded way out from the face of the cliff. That is what broke off. {Horace: It fell off the face.} This is the reason Lkoot, this village, the entire village—{was flooded}. The wave stretched its arm. It washed out the sand that is what is now at the entrance {on the} salt water {Lutak}. What used to be the {Chilkoot River} sand there, it’s all on the salt side. There are rocks in its place. Yes, this has been told from near Raven’s time about this place." [14]


United States
59° 21' 36" N, 135° 34' 48" W

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