Neskatahin (Water Goes Under Rocks)

-- Haat iyagu´t

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English Name: 
Dalton Post

A now-abandoned village on the Tatshenshini River. Jack Dalton established his Dalton Post here. The village was "At the mouth of a small tributary of the Tatshenshini that was rich with salmon…not long ago it was a busy commercial centre whose inhabitants traded with many other people living to the north."[7] While the region around the Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers is regarded as a great wilderness today, it was once a thriving cradle of civilization, with numerous villages and settlements. [9] Nesketaheen was remembered by Southern Tutchone elders as a "big city...thousands of years old." [9][10]


United States
60° 7' 12" N, 137° 3' 0" W

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